Get Ready to Press Play!

Long before the GoPro and iPhone were conceived, we captured these
memories on bulky, handheld video cameras. We salute all those camcorder parents who painstakingly recorded the soccer games, the school musical and countless hours of family fun.

And though you may remember the moments, chances are you haven’t relived them in many years. At this point, your children might even enjoy watching them more than you!

But did you know that those VHS tapes are deteriorating at a rapid rate and that you risk losing them forever if they stay trapped in boxes and basements?

It’s time to dust off all those relics stuffed in a box and bring them back to life – no VCR required. Just drop your tapes and movie reels off and we’ll transfer them to DVD, Blu-ray or USB for reliable, compact storage and easy viewing on today’s technology. Make as many copies as you’d like, and distribute them freely to share those memories of triumph, humor and happiness caught on camera.


Gallery Canvas Wall

Now you can create the perfect gallery wall on any staircase or room with a do-it-yourself wall collage – but the seemingly random act of art takes a bit of planning.

First, choose a single medium and decide what you want to hang. Either use uniform frames or mix things up, but be consistent with everything.

Next, plan your collage on a piece of butcher paper on the floor before hanging it on the wall. Start with the biggest items and work the smaller pieces around it to find the perfect layout balance.

Once you’re happy with how things look on the floor, trace the pieces onto the paper, cut them out and tape everything to the wall.

This is the time to move anything around that doesn’t fit quite right. Once you’re fully satisfied, it’s time to start hanging!

Gather your ideas and let’s get started!

Our creative crew at Barron Photografix is here to assist with projects like this. Whether it’s printing your imagery, making enlargements, retouching photos, selecting the right medium or helping you with custom projects – we’re ready to tackle your next gallery wall.

Archiving Memories

Want to downsize all your old prints and albums so they can fit in your pocket or be sent all over the world? Archive all those old photos, videos, and slides today! Turn all your bulky, old and fragile physical media into sharable, safe, and permanent digital media! It’s easy and you’ll get peace of mind knowing your precious memories are protected.

Backup Your Phone Photos

Don’t you think it’s time you freed all those precious moments “stored” on your phone? Let’s be real. Accidents happen, phones break, and Facebook & Instagram aren’t considered great backup storage. Backup your images & videos before it’s too late!

Capturing Fireworks!

Did someone say “let’s take some firework photos”? Stress no more, we’ve got FOUR QUICK TIPS that will help you get the best firework images from your point-and-shoot or compact camera!

  1. Turn off the flash
  2. Use Landscape mode
  3. Use a tripod to stabilize the shots
  4. Do not zoom your lens

Organize Your Photo Life

Looking for a cool summer project? Why not get all the family photos together and archive them? Archiving will keep them safe and give you time to learn your family history while you work!