Trim the Tree with Love!

We love a good looking tree – especially one filled with personality and pizazz! Customize your tree or any type of festive holiday decor with a personalized ornament that will become one of your most cherished keepsakes.

Pass your photo ornaments down through the generations or get everyone their very own – either way they’ll be treasured for many holidays to come.

Choose from metal, wood or ceramic styles with your image and custom text message included.

Click here to create your keepsake ornament today!

Holiday Photo Gifts You Haven’t Thought of Yet

We love a unique gift – especially one filled with personality and pizzazz! Create one-of-a-kind gifts with your favorite photos and memories.

Show how much you care by creating a unique gift with staying power. With so many designs and finishes, you can customize your creation in just about any way you can imagine.

Straight off the shelf gifts, can be cookie-cutter and boring – but you are not. Share a story, a moment or a memory that’s made to delight friends, family, colleagues or yourself. Let’s create!

Click here to start now, or call us at 817-348-8080 and we’ll help you realize your custom print or gift project!

Make it a Meaningful Holiday Season

It’s our favorite time of the year!

For many of us, the holiday season is the one and only time we mail out personalized greetings to friends and family members each year. And since we only do this once, we say “do it right”, take the time to create a meaningful greeting your friends and family will cherish.

Make this Year’s Cards Amazingly Yours

– Invest in having a professional photograph taken of your family, kids or pets. Trust us, you’ll appreciate having that image in 10 years.

– If you’re sending cards on a budget, plan a time to get a great shot with your mobile phone camera.  Coordinate outfits and get everyone together in a well lit area that provides a pleasant background setting for your photo.  Also, take adavantage of our Kodak Lustre photographic greeting cards, printed on genuine Kodak professional paper.  Kodak photo greeting cards are our most affordable card option, great for smaller budgets or large commercial card orders.

– Splurge a little on the card style. Try something new like a uniquely shaped die-cut card or upgrade to textured cardstock. Your card is sure to stand out with any of these options.

– Order an extra cards for the unexpected. You never know who you’ll receive cards from and it’s always a nice gesture to return the hello with a card of your own.

Locally Crafted

Our creative team follows your order from the moment it arrives at our location. We don’t outsource this process and take care in producing the finest results. Each and every order is quality checked before it reaches your hands.

Choose from a wide variety of exceptionally designed greeting cards with themes that are easily customized with your favorite photo(s) and sentiments. Need some design expertise? We’re happy to co-create with you and make a custom greeting card that will wow eveyone!

Click here to build your card online, or call us at 817-348-8080 and get started today!

Your Local Photographic Experts

4 Reasons to Keep Your Memories Local:

Peace Of Mind
When it’s sentimental or involves your personal information, (like precious family memories do), you want to talk to a real professional face to face. Keep your memories local to minimize risks associated with using online providers across the country. We can fix and finish any of your fragile antique originals, right now in our lab!

Custom Capabilities
Being local means we can collaborate with you on special projects to create truly custom results. Plus, we can get your project in your hands sooner because you won’t have to wait for shipping!

Quality + Passion
You need someone who really gets it. Local businesses are full of dedicated team members who care about your experience. Our team is made up of passionate photographers and design pros who use extreme care with every project. We’ll stake our reputation on it!

Ongoing Support.
We’re here for you today and after your purchase or project is complete. The next time you have a photo emergency or special project to complete quickly – we’re here to help!

As Fort Worth’s only full service professioanl photographic lab, we encounter these needs every day and we’re proud to offer our decades expertise, care and unmatched value in everything we do.

4 Easy Steps to protecting and sharing your photo legacy!

Take pictures out of albums, frames and boxes so you are working with only loose prints. Choose the photos you want to keep. Remove duplicates and poor-quality shots. Keep only the most meaningful images and toss the rest if you are working to downsize or eliminate clutter. At this point, you could stop and move on to Step #3.

If you want to get your photo collection truly organized, then continue sorting. Separate pictures into piles by subject, people, theme or year. Whatever makes most sense to you. Then, label those piles in chronological order. This will pay off when you move on to Step #4 and eventually share copies of your images with family members. Advanced sorting will make specific photos easy to locate on a computer or device later on.

Box up your printed memorabilia and bring them to a trusted local photo preservation expert (like us!) for scanning. The key word here is “local”. We never recommend shipping your most precious possessions across the country! Each print will be professionally digitized and saved as high-resolution JPG files. We can even create labeled folders to keep your sorting efforts intact.

Your newly digitized images will then be safely saved to a media device of your choice, a cloud storage location and/or to any other location that you request.

At this stage, you’ll have various options for what to do with your digital image files – including how many copies to share. This is the fun part! Think about who would like a set of the scanned images – even if they may not completely appreciate them today. (IE: children and teens.) Once the images are scanned, duplicate media copies are extremely affordable – so be generous and share freely!

Your story is meant to be shared – and now is the perfect time to do it! Don’t wait until it’s too late to protect those photos of your grandparents, your high school prom and that family vacation to the Grand Canyon.

Get Ready to Press Play!

Long before the GoPro and iPhone were conceived, we captured these
memories on bulky, handheld video cameras. We salute all those camcorder parents who painstakingly recorded the soccer games, the school musical and countless hours of family fun.

And though you may remember the moments, chances are you haven’t relived them in many years. At this point, your children might even enjoy watching them more than you!

But did you know that those VHS tapes are deteriorating at a rapid rate and that you risk losing them forever if they stay trapped in boxes and basements?

It’s time to dust off all those relics stuffed in a box and bring them back to life – no VCR required. Just drop your tapes and movie reels off and we’ll transfer them to DVD, Blu-ray or USB for reliable, compact storage and easy viewing on today’s technology. Make as many copies as you’d like, and distribute them freely to share those memories of triumph, humor and happiness caught on camera.


Gallery Canvas Wall

Now you can create the perfect gallery wall on any staircase or room with a do-it-yourself wall collage – but the seemingly random act of art takes a bit of planning.

First, choose a single medium and decide what you want to hang. Either use uniform frames or mix things up, but be consistent with everything.

Next, plan your collage on a piece of butcher paper on the floor before hanging it on the wall. Start with the biggest items and work the smaller pieces around it to find the perfect layout balance.

Once you’re happy with how things look on the floor, trace the pieces onto the paper, cut them out and tape everything to the wall.

This is the time to move anything around that doesn’t fit quite right. Once you’re fully satisfied, it’s time to start hanging!

Gather your ideas and let’s get started!

Our creative crew at Barron Photografix is here to assist with projects like this. Whether it’s printing your imagery, making enlargements, retouching photos, selecting the right medium or helping you with custom projects – we’re ready to tackle your next gallery wall.